Quality Recording Gear

Neve Genesys Black console: 24 channels; 24 Neve-1084 mic preamps; 48 mixing paths; snapshot recall;  Neve AD-DA converters; computer-controlled analog circuitry; classic sound

Pro Tools 12 Ultimate HD 96k

RME MADI converter (64 channels)

MCI JH-24 2-inch analog tape recorder


Outboard mic preamps:

Avalon 737 mic preamp (1 channel)

Avalon M5 mic preamp (1 channel)

TL Audio mic preamp (2 channels)

Drawmer 1960 mic preamp (2 channels)

Universal Audio LA-610 mic preamp (1 channel)

Manley Voxbox mic preamp (1 channel)

Manley TNT mic preamp (2 channels)

DBX 760X mic preamp  (4 channels)



Neumann U87 condenser (1)

Neumann M149 condenser (1)

Neumann TLM 103 condenser (1)

AKG C-414 EB condenser (2)

AKG C-3000 condenser (1)

Royer 121 ribbon (1)

Shure SM81 condenser (5)

Shure SM7 dynamic (1)

Shure SM57 dynamic (2)

Shure SM58 dynamic (2)

Sennheiser 421 dynamic (2)

AKG D-112 kick dynamic (1)

ElectroVoice dynamic (1)

Telefunken M80 dynamic (1)


Outboard Effects:

Lexicon PCM92 reverb

Eventide Eclipse reverb (2)

Teletronix LA-2A compressor (2)

Manley Pultec Equalizer (4 channels)

Neve 541 analog simulator (2)

Heritage Audio EQ (2)

SSL stereo bus compressor

Charter Oak stereo Bus Equalizer

Empircal Labs Distressor (2)

Aphex Aural Exciter (2 channels)

Aphex 622 gate (2 channels)

DBX 266XS gate (2 channels)

TC Electronics stereo delay


Guitar amps and effects:

SansAmp bass preamp

Line 6 Pod XT guitar amp modeling preamp

Boss ME-80 effects pedalboard

Bogner distortion pedal

Fender Twin guitar amp

Vox VT40+ guitar amp

Marshall JMP guitar amp




Adam Audio A8X (2)

Adam Audio Sub 8 (1)

Yamaha NS-10M (2)



Aviom 16 channel stereo headphone/cue  system with six individual mixers

Sony MDR-V150 (10 pairs)

Vic Firth drummer phones (2 pairs)



Drums and percussion:










Piano and keyboards:

Yamaha G3 Disklavier – real Grand Piano with MIDI read and write capability

Roland A-33 controller keyboard

Yamaha Motif tone generator (synth)

Emu E-64 sampler (synth)

Alesis DM5 (drum module)

Scandalli accordion


Guitars and stringed instruments:

Martin D-18 6-string acoustic guitar

Guild JF30 12-string jumbo acoustic guitar

Fender Stratocaster electric guitar

Fender Telecaster electric guitar

Gibson 335 electric guitar

Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty electric guitar

Rickenbacker 360 electric guitar

Yamaha CG102 classical guitar

Westone electric bass guitar (fretted and fretless)

Fender Jazz electric bass guitar

Fender Precision electric bass guitar

Shen upright bass violin

Palatino upright electric bass

Dobro resonator guitar

Sho-Bud Pro 1 pedal steel guitar

Gold Tone 5-string banjo

Epiphone mandolin

Mahalo ukulele